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HTXBT Perpetual Contract


  • The HTXBT Perpetual Contract is priced on the .BFHTXBT Index. Each contract is worth HT of Bitcoin.
  • For the HTXBT Perpetual Contract at BaseFEX, the base currency is HT and the quote currency is BTC.
  • Funding is paid and received every hours, and the next payout event is at .
  • The HTXBT Perpetual Contract uses a Premium Index to calculate funding rates. The underlying interest rates are quoted in the .HTBON8H Index and .BTCBON8H Index, and the premium rate is quoted in the .HTXBTPI8H Index. We use these Indexes to calculate the final funding rate.
  • Since this is a perpetual contract, it will never expire.

Funding Calculation

Interest Base Interest Quote Premium
Rates 0.00%0.00%0.00%
I = Interest Rate, B = Interest Base, Q = Interest Quote, T = Funding Times Per Day, P = Premium Rate, F = Funding Rate
  • The Funding Rate is the rate exchanged between users.
  • The Premium Rate is used to calculate it, adjusted by the Interest Rate by up to 0.05%.
I = (Q - B) / TI = (0.06% - 0.03%)/ 3 I = 0.0100%
F = P + Clamp(I - P, -0.05%, 0.05%)F = -0.0902% + Clamp(0.0100% - 0.0902%, -0.05%, 0.05%) F = -0.0402%

Full Contract Details